El Plomo Sanctuary

El Plomo Sanctuary Foundation is designing and implementing a new Nature Sanctuary for the Metropolitan Region of Santiago, which seeks to open a private mountain territory to the community, in order to promote sustainable tourism, connecting from the sector of La Ermita where the Río Mapocho emerges, through the patrimonial route along the Molina riverbed, to the top of Cerro El Plomo, which with its 5.424m, rises as an Inca High Altitude Sanctuary.

Among the activities that can be carried out in the Sanctuary are sport fishing, trekking, horseback riding and mountain biking along the path of the Heritage Route connecting the network of refuges and is being developed in conjunction with the Foundation +1000 and the Foundation “Líneas de Libertad”: the Refuge “Bizzarri”, located in the sector called Federación at 4. 200 above the sea level on the Cerro El Plomo, the next Refuge that will be added is “Piedra Numerada”, a centenary muleteer construction, the refuges of the “Paso de Los Caballos” at 1,400 above the sea level and the “Cepo” at 2,000 above the sea level, all of them on the Ancient Inca Heritage Route.

The development of these refuges seeks to enhance the scenic beauty of the Andes Mountain range in Santiago, rescuing the history of the native people and promoting ecotourism through the conservation of both animals and plants species highly threatened by climate change, unregulated tourism and unsustainable grazing practices, generating knowledge and environmental education programs that make sustainable tourism development in a very vulnerable ecosystem.



Address: Badajoz 12 Of 402
Email: acampos@santuariodelplomo.com