Mahuida Park

Are you looking for adrenaline and relaxation in the same place? Then this park in Santiago is for you and your family. Located at the foot of the foothills of the Andes, in the commune of La Reina it has 140 hectares of green areas with an offer that ranges from an educational farm for children to an adventure park with bungee, canopy and sled services. The vegetation in this area corresponds to native sclerophyllous forest. Regarding the fauna, about 40 species of birds have been recognized and we can also find some mammals, rodents and minor reptiles. The park’s location allows for panoramic views of the valley and the city of Santiago to the west and the imposing Andean landscape to the east.

Within the park there is a rodeo club, the sculptors society and the heritage museum, which allows complementing the trails with cultural activities. For recreational activities you can access the Rodelbahn, Vertigo park and Granjaventura.



The Mahuida Park promotes hiking as an invitation to reunite with the mountain and its diversity of life. A reunion that awakens our sensitivity and reminds us of living in harmony with nature.
In 2018, with the collaboration of the Chilean Army Service School, we designed 3 trails ofvarying difficulty for the Park.

Loma Pelada Trail
Quebrada Guayacán Trail
Cerro La Cruz Trail
1.005 m.s.n.m.
1.400 m.s.n.m.
2.554 m.s.n.m.
3 km
5 km
14,2 km
2 hrs
4 hrs
10 hrs
low difficulty
medium difficulty
high difficulty

Address: Av. Alcalde Fernando Castillo Velasco 11095, La Reina
Phone number: (+562) 22734301