Mountain Bike and Enduro

The Metropolitan Region of Santiago is a large valley, surrounded by mountains of the coastal range and the great Andes Mountain. The city is arranged in such a way that invites athletes to carry out activities in diverse sectors in a safe way, in Santiago foothills very close to the center of the city and others immersed in the city itself, offering an important amount of squares and urban parks.

Due to the proximity of the mountains to the city, the geographical and natural resources have allowed the development of infrastructure for the growth of sports and outdoor activities.

Santiago has extraordinary trails for mountain biking and enduro, as well as safe routes for travel and various cycling activities. The hills of the capital are the ideal place for those who enjoy this sport. We recommend some places where you can practice your favorite sport.

OFF Road Cerro San Cristobal

Technical and hidden trails in the heart of Santiago. If your thing is to climb hills without going too far, the Metropolitan Park has 5 incredible routes for the practice of MTB.

Address: #450 Pío Nono, P 2, Recoleta, Metropolitan Region


Phone number: (+562) 2730 1331


El Durazno Bike Park

For 25 years El Durazno bike park has been one of the most visited places for MTB in Santiago. With more than 20 kilometers of trails of different difficulties and levels, XC trails, trail and bikepark format trails. In addition, it has a store at the base of the park with spare parts, clothing, hydration and food, everything you need for adventure tourism in Chile safely.

Address: La Cumbre road, Lo Barnechea.

Enter through the side of the Bosque Colores Kindergarten.

Opening hours: from: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

In case of accident call: +56 9 6832 3225


La Parva Bikepark

It is located high in the Andes Mountains and it is considered the longest downhill trail in the world. The La Parva Bike Park is home to the Enduro World Series, which captivates international and national riders.

The Bike Park of La Parva Ski Center, one of the ski centers in Chile, is one of the highest in the world and has a total of 10 kilometers on three tracks from medium to expert level, different types of curves, obstacles and drops, designed by the Frenchman Jonathan Mahec, known for his contribution in the construction of different mountain bike circuits in the world.

The Park is located at 3,500 meters above sea level, in the middle of the Andes Mountains, and has a drop of 80 meters, which makes it a world-class bike park, with a bike-friendly level, an ideal place for those seeking adventure tourism in Chile.

Address: G21, Lo Barnechea, Metropolitan Region


Phone number: (+562) 2964 2100


Valley Bike

Valley Bike has been designed for cycling and mountain enthusiasts, here you can practice disciplines such as downhill, all mountain, enduro, e-mtb and cross country, among others. The space is composed of a complete route of 17 trail combinations, with a great variety of possible paths of diverse difficulties. It has 2 ski lifts, 8 trails, skill park, jumping area and services such as workshop, rental, school, store and restaurant, all ready to enjoy the adventure tourism offered by the Andes Mountains in Chile.

Address: G21, Lo Barnechea, Metropolitan Region.


Phone: (+562) 2477 77 01


Bike Park Farellones

Bike Park Farellones, adds 5 routes of all levels in the mountain village: Farellones, to enjoy with the family both in winter during the snow season (fatbikes) and in summer. Space designed for enduro, cross country or downhill lovers. You must complete the following form to enter the Bike Park.

Address: Los Condores, Farellones


Phone number: (+569) 7897 7534


Cerro Manquehue

The Cerro Manquehue and to the east, the Manquehuito, are symbolic spots for mountain tourism in the city of Santiago. If you like climbing hills, this park will become your favourite one.

It is composed of different trails of varying levels. Furthermore, its routes are combined for trekking and mountain biking, creating a perfect relationship between both specialities and making it a good place for tourism in Santiago.

Address: Pie andino, Lo Curro.


In case of accident call: +56 9 6832 3225