Cascada de las Ánimas Natural Sanctuary

A must-see destination in Cajón del Maipo, it stands out for its tourist attractions such as cliffs, native forest and streams, located next to the Río Maipo in the foothills of the Andes.

Known for being a consolidated ecotourism center, it offers the visitors the possibility of practicing rafting, horseback riding, canopy, zip-lining, inflatable kayaking and yoga, among other experiences in an unforgettable natural environment in the heart of the Metropolitan Region.

Its heritage of more than 100 years and the current entrepreneurial spirit of the area, come together today having the mountain environment strongly linked to outdoor life, being recognized for its commitment to activities that promote the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable development.



Trails, restaurant, cafeteria, pizzeria, brewery, spa, game room, swimming pool, camping and picnic area, animal farm, orchard, lodge lodgings, cabins, domes.
Address: Camino al Volcán N° 31087, San Gabriel, San José de Maipo
Phone: (+562) 28611303