Pailalen Observatory

It is a place that seeks to amaze the visitor, inviting us to look at the flexibility of the infinite sky from our land through the observation of the stars in a unique environment within the Cajón del Maipo, surrounded by mountains, waterfalls and rivers.

Pailalén is a word in Mapudungún, the native language of the Mapuche people of Chile, and means “to be upside down looking at the sky”. This observatory was born with the intention that people can live a unique and energizing experience, which can disconnect them from day to day through observing the stars and the exaltation of the senses. Live an experience under a clear and close sky, enjoying a rich gastronomic proposal in the beautiful Cajón del Maipo immersed in the Andes Mountains of Santiago.



Address: Camino al Volcán Km 50, Cajón del Maipo

Phone: +56 9 4272 5922