Ski centers

4 interconnected ski centers: Farellones, El Colorado, La Parva and Valle Nevado, only 1 hour from downtown.

In the eastern area of Santiago, in the commune of Lo Barnechea, in the Andes foothills, there is a very special mountain village made up of 4 interconnected ski centers: Farellones, El Colorado, La Parva and Valle Nevado, located just 1 hour from the capital, forming the largest and best skiable area in South America and the best place to know and enjoy the snow in the Metropolitan region.

The conditions of the capital’s ski centers are renowned for their adrenaline-filled slopes and great snow quality. In addition, the tourist and lodging facilities, ranging from apartment rentals to 5-star hotels, with a gastronomic and entertainment offer for all ages, make this mountain town a destination for a several days’ vacation or perfect to enjoy a winter vacation.

No need to drive long hours, Santiago mountains offer an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Andes Mountains, providing a range of mountain activities and excursions throughout the year, both in winter and summer, for day trips as well, everything you need to live and enjoy mountain tourism in the Andes Mountains.

At the southern end of the city, in the capital of adventure tourism, Cajón del Maipo, approximately 1.5 hours from Santiago, is the Lagunillas ski center, characterized by its location in the middle of a tourist destination of privileged mountain range nature, among volcanoes, glaciers, high peaks, rivers, and endless attributes of the area, in the historic town of San José de Maipo.

Snow Activities

We all like to go to the mountains in order to rest, disconnect and have fun during the winter. The snowy landscapes, the contact with nature, breathing fresh air, the warmth of a homemade food restaurant, a good walk on snow, relaxing in thermal baths… and much more.

Although the most popular activities are skiing and snowboarding, there are many more options for all tastes and ages, to make your vacation or getaway an unforgettable experience in the Andes Mountains of Chile.


Renting a sled for hours and enjoying the best slides down the slopes, is par excellence, one of the most fun activities to do in the snow and is ideal to enjoy with the whole family, from the youngest to the oldest. Ask your travel agency, tour operator, hotel or ski center about how to get a sled and feel the excitement of mountain tourism as only the Andes Mountains in Santiago can offer.

Mountain excursion

Whether for the more adventurous and sporty or for a family plan, depending on the route, trekking is a perfect option in the snow. Hiking in the mountains is one of the best ways to have contact with nature and purify the lungs, and to do that the ideal place is in the Andes Mountains of Chile.  It is essential to have the correct equipment, clothing and supplies according to the altitude, number of hours, difficulty of the route, etc. Get information before leaving and keep a record of where you are going.

Snowball war

In this kind of war, laughter is the tune. You should not go through the snow without attacking your family, friends or partner with a snowball. Choose a place where the snow is as untouched as possible and attack!

Make a snowman

Snow season is synonym of having fun. Take a picture with a snowman you made in the Andes Mountains. Creativity makes the difference, use whatever you have on hand to personalize it: (your necklace, scarf, hat, tree twigs…), name it and treasure a memory about your snow trip in Santiago.

Plan your trip to the snow and follow these steps to achieve your best snowman:

Snowshoe ride

Another alternative to skiing is snowshoeing. The hikes take you on trails surrounded by spectacular scenery at the top of the Andes Mountains. It´s the better alternative to move through the snow in relation to a traditional hike, you will be able to reach higher altitude areas, since the snowshoes help to avoid slipping.

The rental offer is wide for both equipment and tour-operators that have pre-defined routes for this activity, remember to choose tourist services registered in Sernatur. Also consult with your travel agency, tour-operator, hotel or ski center, about how to obtain snowshoes and where to use them, in order to enjoy the best of adventure tourism and mountain tourism in Chile.


Snow is as versatile as water! the mountain has everything to take advantage of entertaining activities with friends and/or family. Tubing is increasingly known and therefore more and more demanded in the winter activity centers that offer adventure tourism and mountain tourism in Andes Mountains, Chile. This fun tire, conditioned to slide on snowy slopes and to act as a mountain slide, will move according to the inertia during the descent and will reach speeds that promote laughs.

Ice skating

There is no entertaining snowy tourist destination without ice skating, one of the essential activities to do at this time of the year, perfect to enjoy during winter holidays. A great way to exercise and warm up with family and friends, it’s time to practice your balance!

Panoramic ski lift ride

If you do not feel like skiing and want to marvel at the landscapes from the Andes Mountain, you can take the ski lift ride, traveling long stretches where the height varies and from where you can watch the skiers gliding. Depending on the ski center, the service varies, for example you can get to a restaurant at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters above the sea level. Don’t miss your ride in the heights of the majestic Andes Mountains in Chile.


Fat Bikes

Entertaining activity that consists of special bicycles for the snow and is done by circuits, where tracks of varying difficulty are used to travel and experience the adventure of mountain tourism in the snow season.


This activity, can be done in different areas and conditions, but here is unique. Immersed in the Andes Mountains, you can feel the adrenaline while appreciating the beauty of the snow-capped peaks, the best option to experience mountain tourism in Chile.


An amazing experience of walking through the Andes Mountain, a discipline that mixes skiing and mountaineering accessing there like centuries ago, places of very difficult access where it is possible to contemplate wonderful landscapes, often hidden and that through this activity we can know, is the perfect description of adventure tourism and mountain tourism in Chile.